Monsoon & Accessorize

Who doesn't love working with Elizabeth Walshe and her team? We go back an impressive 18 years working on major events for many different brands - and that's what makes Elizabeth special, she can do high-end as well as high-street making everything look amazing and wonderful."

Louise Worrell - Head of PR

To conceptualize and fully produce a conference at which all of the directors including the founder, Peter Simon, would speak. The finale to the day was to be an awards ceremony followed by a catwalk show. Refreshments were to be served throughout the day including lunch and afternoon tea.

One Team

We created an array of installations at Old Billingsgate so that when guests arrived they were transported into a Winter Wonderland showcasing many of the key pieces for the coming season. Within the main event space we used cutting edge design and technology to create a fast moving but informative review of the company’s performance and future plans. We worked closely with the leadership team to help them communicate well with their audience.